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The Union County Chapter was founded in November of 2016, by the current president, Gladston Hackett, along with  a dedicated group of members. The chapter has been active in the union county community by focusing on JONJ’s FACE principles. The chapter has worked to play a very important part in the JONJ organization, while collaborating and partnering with both the other five chapters and the community.  The chapter formulated a strategy that focused on growth, execution and result accomplishments.


  • Gladston Hackett, President

  • Ian Marshall, Vice President

  • Rosita Setal, Treasurer

  • Hope Andrade, General Secretary

  • Marleen Powell, Public Relations Officer

Gladston Hackett - President


Projects 2020

 Supporting Our Community During 2020 (COVID-19)

  • NJ State Food Bank
  • Union County, Plainfield First responders
  • Union County. Plainfield Salvation Army Programs  
  • Donation to Lord’s Kitchen Food Bank

Past Accomplishments & events

One of our first project in Jamaica was supporting the  Waltham Early Childhood School, we provide lighting for classrooms, school supplies and repaired water tank with was well needed.
In our own community   “Milt Campbell Field ” we held a cleanup and beautification spring event. 
Serving  dinner in our community.
Out Of Many, One People

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